A Detailed Guide to Using a 3 Point Slinger for Camera 2024

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3-Point Slinger for Cameras

A particular kind of camera strap called a 3 point slinger crosses your shoulder, lies across your torso, and connects to the camera—typically at the base where a tripod plate ordinarily fastens. You can carry your camera hands-free with a 3-point camera sling, which lets you use it for activities like riding a bike or operating machinery.

Well-known YouTubers such as Francis Cade are often seen riding their bikes while wearing a camera strapped tightly around their backs. The 3-point slinger’s padded shoulder strap allows for comfortable carrying of larger cameras.

The camera can be raised to your face and the 3-point slinger pulled around to the front of your body when there’s something worth taking a picture or recording.

Typically, a 3/4′′ screw is used to secure a 3-point slinger to the camera base, through the opening meant for a tripod base plate.

The 2024 Top 3-Point Slingers for Camera Users

1. BlackRapid Camera Straps: The Highest Grade for the Majority of Photographers

For action sports photographers or anyone who just prefers a 3 point slinger camera strap over a standard shoulder strap, Blackrapid offers a variety of options.

One of the most comfortable camera straps available, according to BlackRapid, are “camera slings.” The main advantage is that the camera glides up to your face while the pad stays on your shoulder. Comfort should be taken into consideration when choosing the best 3 point slinger for cameras.

The BlackRapid 3-point slinger for camera comes in three primary models:

  • Sport BlackRapid Breathe
  • Breathe BlackRapid Curve
  • Double Breathe in Black Rapid

2. The Best Cheap Slinger: Waka Rapid Camera Shoulder Strap

This Waka Rapid is the best alternative if you can’t afford the price tag of the BlackRapid 3 point slinger for camera. At a fraction of the cost of the previously listed camera straps, it offers outstanding value for money as well.

Among its special features are a storage pouch on the pad that can be used to hold memory cards and an extra battery or two, as well as a front quick-adjust pull clasp that lets you quickly lengthen or shorten the camera strap to suit your needs.

Like the BlackRapid straps, the pad has anti-slip padding as well.

Thousands of favorable reviews show that this 3 point slinger camera strap is worth your hard-earned money, even when the price seems too good to be true!

3. Altura Picture Camera Strap | An Affordable 3-Point Slinger Option

Altura, well-known for producing high-quality and reasonably priced camera slings, also produces a good 3 point slinger that is surprisingly inexpensive; you can check the pricing on Amazon by clicking this link.

In addition, the Altura three-point camera strap has a convenient zippered pocket that can be used to store extra memory cards, batteries, and chewing gum! Additionally, under the main shoulder cushion is anti-slip padding that ensures your camera and the strap stay in position even when you move.

When engaging in activities like rock climbing, cycling, or even brisk strolling, a 3-point slinger is ideal for carrying a camera, and the Altura is a very cost-effective method to get started.

5~6 Advantages of Using Slingers for 3-Point Cameras

I’ve been using a BlackRapid Breathe 3 point slinger for my camera for years, and I’m really happy with how well it works.

In addition, I have a few other camera straps that I switch out based on the camera and subject I’m working with.

The following are the key advantages of utilizing a 3-point camera slinger:

1. Quick action: simply slide them around your body to raise the camera;

2. Stay out of the way: you can have the camera on your back by tightening the strap.

3. The 3-point slinger is ideal for activities where you need to utilize your hands because it frees up your hands.

4. The bottom attachment makes sense because you automatically swivel your camera up to face when you grab it.

5. Convenient for carrying larger loads and excellent for cameras that have huge telephoto lenses attached

6. Safety: Since you can wear it beneath a jacket, knocks and snatch-and-run thefts are prevented from happening to your camera and lens.

How to Hold a Camera Using a 3-Point Slinger

It’s quite simple to use and attach a three-point camera strap to your camera. The procedure is the same whether you use a one-shoulder slinger or a twin camera sling, as professional movie photographer John above.

1. With the pad resting on your non-dominant shoulder, place the strap over your head.

2. Insert the base attachment into your camera’s bottom.

3. Secure the clasp beneath your shoulder and tighten the strap to a snug yet comfortable length.

4. Modify the length of the primary strap

5. If your camera has an extra safety strap, fasten it to the carabiner or to another loop.

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